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The Climate Heritage Game
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The Climate Heritage Game

The Climate Heritage Game

An educational game for secondary-level students aged 13 to 18.

Help students discover their local cultural heritage, how it is affected by climate change and engage them through the free Climate Heritage Game.

Learn about your local heritage through short videos and interesting, fun questions!

And test your adquired knowledge in challenging quizzes.

Expand the game! 

Do you want your local landmarks featured? Create the content and share the wonders of your region; and contribute to the safeguarding of endangered monuments by raising awareness.

Training course for teachers & trainers

Training course for teachers & trainers

Enhance your digital skills and learn how to create simple online games to enrich your teaching methods. In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Digital game creation
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Safety
  • Problem Solving

Self-learn at your own pace with specific resources, hands-on examples and practical exercises. Use case studies on academic goals and develop the respective game ideas.

Self-evaluate your knowledge with quizzes and tests.

Download the guide and start improving your digital skills to make your lessons fun, engaging and memorable.